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Some fullscreen games kill NM

I use NetworkManager as my way to configure networks. Whenever I run some games, I've found that about 15 minutes or less in my computer loses connection to networks. The only two for which this happens are Unreal Tournament: GOTY Edition through Wine and Ryzom (From the AUR package ryzom-client-official). Whenever I try to reconnect, it just stays in a constant state of connecting for a long time until it stops trying. Running it through command line ('nmcli') also does not establish a connection.

How exactly do I debug this issue? Would I start NM from command line after killing it while it works and see the readout? Does anyone else have this issue? What all other information do you all need to help?

(I'm also unsure if this the correct forum for this. This problem happens on my laptop, so I'm not sure if it belongs here or under "Networking.")


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Re: Some fullscreen games kill NM

Assuming NM is being started by systemd at boot, try recreating the problem and then running:

# journalctl -bu NetworkManager

That will give you all output from NM that has been logged by systemd since last boot. Often gives very good info to help diagnose the problem (look for errors in red).

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