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#1 2013-04-27 21:58:25

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[WORKAROUND] cmus-remote -u GNOME keyboard shortcut?

EDIT 2: just added shortcuts through i3's config.

EDIT: possibly forget that. Whenever I updated to GNOME, I was no longer able to use the mixer. Could that be why?


Not sure how to fix that, either.

I'm trying to create a GNOME shortcut which runs:

cmus-remote -u

however whenever I press my key, it doesn't work (yet the command works from the terminal).

I've also tried creating a simple script containing:

cmus-remote -u

which works when run through the terminal, but not when set as a shortcut.

Running GNOME 3.8 and trying to bind to the pause media key on my keyboard, which GNOME seems to detect as "Audio play".

Anyone able to help out?

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