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How to bind ossxmix with gnome control volume

I would like to know if it is possible to fully integrate ossxmix with gnome control volume through volume icon/button (that in the system tray - at the far-right of the top Gnome panel-), I mean, when I set the volume from ossxmix that same volume could be updated in the gnome control volume automatically, and vice versa. The same for mute/unmute feature.

I have done what is explained here but without success: … #gstreamer

I just run gconf-editor and set some values in the /desktop/gnome/sound and /system/gstreamer/0.10/audio/default paths.

In /desktop/gnome/sound I set below values:
default_mixer_device = ossmix
default_mixer_tracks = [ossmix, ossxmix]

In /system/gstreamer/0.10/audio/default I set below values:
audiosink = "oss4sink device="/dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcm0"
audiosrc = oss4src
musicaudiosink = "oss4sink device="/dev/oss/oss_hdaudio0/pcm0"

but it is not working.... I remember in my previous old laptop it was working perfectly but in my new one, it is not. As I have observed, it seems like oss service loading is too slow. In my case, it is done by systemd, so at login screen it is not loaded yet, and once logged in it takes a few minutes to load it, so I think maybe it is the cause: oss service is loaded too late. I think it is necessary to be loaded before login screen appears, during boot up beause if you call ossmix or ossxmix before oss is loaded it does not work. Any ideas?

I have kernel 3.8.8-2-ARCH but I remember that in previous kernel versions it was working.

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