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Houdini 12.5 Crash on Splash Screen

I have installed Houdini 12.5 but When I start it it crashes on the splash screen.
I guess it is to do with nvidia drivers, but I dont know where to start... Any help would be gretaly appreciated smile 

This is one of multiple Crash reports that it leaves, But all content in them is the same:

Crash report from dustykhan; Houdini FX Version 12.5.376 [linux-x86_64-gcc4.2]
Traceback from Mon Apr 29 20:40:12 2013
Caught signal 11
AP_Interface::coredumpHandler(UTsignalHandlerArg) <>
UT_Signal::UT_ComboSignalHandler::operator()(int, siginfo*, void*) const <>
UT_Signal::processSignal(int, siginfo*, void*) <>
_L_unlock_11 <>
_nv005glcore <>
_nv005glcore <>
_nv005glcore <>
_nv005glcore <>
_nv014glcore <>
_nv013glcore <>
glXCreateNewContext <>

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