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Sync from Arch(Home) to DataHDD(NTFS) to Dropbox on ssd

Hello Everybody,

I've got a little problem over here.:

I am running a dualboot system with Arch and Windows 7 on a 128GB ssd and a 1TB harddisk.

In order to save space on my ssd (where /home lives) I have made my data-library (i.e. documents-, music-, video-, pictures-folders) in Windows 7 to be on
a NTFS-Partition on the HDD.
I mount this NTFS-Partition at start into my Arch under /media/data and have symlinks in /home which point to /media/data/Users/<username>/{documents,music,video,pictures}.
This means, if I create for example a text-file, and store it in /home/documents/textfile.txt it gets stored in /media/data/Users/<username>/documents/textfile.txt and I don't use any space on my ssd.

Additionally I have made a symlink from /home to /media/data/Users/<username>/Dropbox for the same reason.

So far so good.

My question is now:
What might be the best sollution to sync these data-folders with my Dropbox, so that a file stored in e.g. /home/documents gets stored physically as well in /media/data/Users/<username>/documents as in Dropbox.

I have different possibilities in mind: (I'll take documents as an example)

Link D:\documents to D:\Dropbox/documents from within Windows and link /home/documents to /media/data/..../documents from within Arch.

Link /media/data/..../documents to /media/data/.../Dropbox/documents and then /home/documents to /media/data/.../documents all within Arch.

Link /home/documents directly to /home/Dropbox/documents within Arch

As you can see I'm a little bit confused and my brains seem to be mashed up...;-)

Perhaps someone has an idea?

Thanks in advance.



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