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[SOLVED] No sound from applications after using HDMI output

I've been using my computer on a HDMI display over the weekend.
Now back to my common analog setup, no applications produces sound even though the speaker tests from Gnome Sound Settings works flawlessly.

I've been searching around those last 2 days and nothing seems to work. I'm just not that confortable to be changing configuration files fearing a major mistake and turn my system unusable.
Note that when over HDMI I had the option to switch profiles between HDMI and Analog output, Now I only have analog output available and now applications(VLC, Firefox flashplugin, Clementine, Movie Player) produces any sound.

Where to look for clues? Which logs or commands to check?

PS: Those are some of the stuff I've been checking out.

I've solved my problem installing pavucontrol and configuring my sound streams from there:

sudo pacman -S pavucontrol 

source: … t-speakers

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