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LLDB: A new debugger for developers ... part of the LLVM project

I recently submitted to the AUR.
The main website for the LLDB project is here:

LLDB aims to be modular and easy to use and maintains much of the familiarity of GDB. This allows GDB users to quickly ramp up to start using LLDB.
LLDB is also able to disassemble machine code using LLVM libraries so as soon as new instructions are added to LLVM, they are automatically available in LLDB.
LLDB also has a large and active developer base and a larger customer base will get more bugs filed and hence better support for non-traditional distros like Archlinux. I myself am a long-term Arch user and even mentioning it at my workplace sparked quite some interest in the distribution.

The main motivation to submit this package was to get a larger customer base for the LLDB project that one of the teams were developing during my Winter internship at Intel Corporation, one of the main contributors to the LLVM project.

It does however take some time to build as it needs to build the LLVM libraries, the Clang libraries and then LLDB libraries/executables. If someone is interested enough to give it a try, please do and upvote the AUR submission and/or report any build/install problems and I will try to fix them.
Also, AFAIK, LLDB does not support multi-threaded executables yet. I am not sure since my internship ended a while ago.


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