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Full system backup with rsync


I'm trying to fully backup my arch installation on an external usb hd,
I follwed the wiki: … with_rsync
and succesfully rsynced all files.

Unfortunately I'm not able to install and properly configure grub
on the external device. It still boot the internal hd.

I've installed grub on the external dev, updated grub-configuration via chroot
and fixed uuid in fstab... but still no luck!
Any hints?


#2 2013-05-01 14:36:20

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Re: Full system backup with rsync

You need to now tell your hardware to boot the other device.  This is not an Arch Linux problem.  This is an issue with settings in your bios.


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Re: Full system backup with rsync

You have to install and config a bootloader on external HDD (almost the same as arch-install-guide, I think).
Then, boot from external HDD (normally by boot menu or bios setting).

where are you


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Re: Full system backup with rsync

You could also just edit your bootloader's config file to have the external HDD as a menu entry. Unless I'm mistaken. … quirements

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Re: Full system backup with rsync

Yeah. Set your BIOS to boot from your equivalent of "Removable Dev." first, "CD-ROM" second, "Internal HDD" third. Then adjust the "Hard disk priority" to match the external HDD and exit with saving the settings (usually F10). I hope you didn't forget the "block" hook (link), which used to be called "usb" - or, you know, just use the Fallback entry from GRUB. But yeah, GRUB needs to show up first, so adjust your BIOS settings.

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Re: Full system backup with rsync

Leaving this here, in case the USB does not boot properly (after you select to boot it first in bios, as others said) … _a_USB_key … tion_Media
Good luck.

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