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#1 2013-05-01 14:37:58

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new: hostapd-nt_password_hash for WPA-EAP with MSCHAPv2/MSCHAP

I recently set up my wirless network connection using netctl (which, itself uses wpa_supplicant) and stumbled upon the issue, that I would have to save my wireless password as plaintext.

After some search I found the little tool nt_password_hash which can be build from hostapd sources. I grapped the hostapd PKGBUILD and changed it to build and install only the nt_password_hash tool. (via this german discussion)

The new PKGBUILD can be found in the AUR: … word_hash/

So when using a WPA-EAP wirless network with MSCHAPv2 or MSCHAP one can use

# nt_password_hash MY_SECRET_PASSWORD

to generate a 16 digit MD4 hash and store that hash instead of the plaintext password to your wpa_supplicant.conf or netctl/netcfg configsection.

See /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf line 659

I hope I have done everything right with the PKGBUILD smile

Greetings, Daniel


#2 2013-05-06 23:11:42

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Re: new: hostapd-nt_password_hash for WPA-EAP with MSCHAPv2/MSCHAP

Unrelated, but MSCHAPv2 is broken. Can be cracked in under 24 hours. Average time: 12 hours.


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