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[wiki] lisp packaging guidelines

A few things that I wanted to discuss with anybody else interested in the content of the lisp package guidelines wiki page

A.  Quicklisp/asdf

Sbcl, ecl, xcl, and mkcl all come with asdf builtin, but clisp doesn't, however clisp can use quicklisp--it provides/uses asdf and can also be used by ecl, sbcl, and xcl. 

Shouldn't quicklisp be noted on the lisp packaging page?

B. I've gone around and checked all of the lisp implementations that I could find on the AUR to make sure that they all provided 'common-lisp' and asked the maintainers of the ones that didn't to please add 'common-lisp' to the provides array in their PKGBUILD files

C. It would be nice if we had a lisp-platform independent asdf package that would just work with whatever installation of lisp the user has/wants to use with it.  I think that quicklisp might offer this kind of functionality, but I'm slightly worried at the idea of having what essentially boils down to a package manager in functionality being provided since we already have pacman--then again, perl has its own package manager for working with CPAN, so this probably isn't that big of a deal.

EDIT: my previously stated questions are no longer of any import, I believe, now that cl-asdf builds and installs and etc.. However, I still think that the wiki page for lisp packaging needs to be revised and additions made to it.

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