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how to fix pacman inconsistency


I had a system crash and my system did not come up again because of an invalid corrupt /sbin/init which points to ../usr/lib/systemd/systemd.
So i've fixed this by reinstalling systemd. BUT :-)
It's weird as the system was idle while it crashed. So i hope i did not get a rootkit installed and this just failed.

I've checked pacman's consistency with testdb and pacman -Qkkq and want to re-install the packages which have a filesize or time mismatch.
If I pacman -S the packages in question than this issue doesn't get fixed as it seems pacman doesn't touch this files.
But pacman -Qkk is ok if I pacman -Rcus `package` them and reinstall it then.

Do you have an idea how I can avoid the uninstallation progress?

By the way, the crash was today on the 2nd of may and i've some cpu stuck messages in tracelogs on other vm's which went offline too. But they're still ok after reboot.
journalctl of the vm with the defect /sbin/init has last logs about before the crash from 15th of april Is journelctl just flushing cache to disk very rarely?

Thanks for your help, in advance, really smile


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Re: how to fix pacman inconsistency

The differences are probably due to configuration files that you have modified.


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