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#1 2013-05-04 15:26:03

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rewritefs doesn't mount

I've been setting up rewritefs to deal with the large number of dotfiles I have. I decided to start easy with the example configuration. Unfortunately, when I try to invoke rewritefs, it segfaults. I'm doing exactly what the instructions do, and it's failing to work. Why?

Example Invocation:

rewritefs -o config=/mnt/home/me/.config/rewritefs /mnt/home/me /home/me

My Invocation:

rewritefs -o config=/mnt/home/emily/.config/rewirefs/config /mnt/home/emily /home/emily

There shouldn't be any problem there, and the configuration is the example configuration. What's going on?


#2 2013-05-10 22:53:26

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Re: rewritefs doesn't mount

I've never used rewritefs, but
* you can ask on the AUR page (you should be using rewritefs from the AUR and not compile it by hand)
* you're using config=/mnt/home/emily/.config/rewirefs/config - the 'config' part I put in bold does not exist in the example.


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