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#1 2013-05-06 13:07:02

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Right channel headset speaker audio very feable

Recently I noticed that sometimes when I boot into my Arch linux, I find the audio very much faint in the right channel of the headset. The left channel is loud and clear. I tried with another good headset. Even with that the right channel audio is very low. My laptop has two audio jacks for headsets. The behaviour is the same in both the audio jacks.

However, there are no issues with the laptop inbuilt speakers. The problem only comes with a headset. I have done 'speakertest' to make sure that it is not the issue with the media player I am using.

The problem will disappear when I restart my machine. But will suddenly come in some random day. And I will have to restart to get that fixed. Is there a way to fix it once and for all?


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