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Where to put grub?

I'm on the section where I'm installing grub and I don't want to get it wrong.

This is what my partition table is like - /dev/sda2 is a windows vista install, but it looks like it's where grub was before due to the boot flag. Any experts here agree with that?


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Re: Where to put grub?

kabads wrote:

Any experts here agree with that?

I am no expert, but --- no., I do not agree.  Grub will want to go to /dev/sda,  not to a partition.  The 'asterisk' indicates that it is a bootable partition.  I assume Vista still lives there.

Now, the real question is, where do you want to put your boot partition?  You need someplace to hold your kernel, the initrd, and the Grub configuration files and other Grub cruft.  It is possible to to that on boot with ext2, ext3.  I do not know about btrfs.

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Re: Where to put grub?

ewaller wrote:

It is possible to to that on boot with ext2, ext3.  I do not know about btrfs.

Grub supports more filesystems than you can shake a stick at. I have / on a LZO-compressed RAID-0 btrfs with no separate /boot, everything just works.


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Re: Where to put grub?

Wrong topic, sorry.

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