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System hangs when waking up if suspend goes on too long

If I put my computer to sleep using KDE's sleep command or pm-suspend and immediately wake it up again, everything's fine. If I leave it asleep for too long, the computer hangs when I wake it up. If I had to guess what kind of hang, I would say that the computer fails to reboot the OS, because I can hear all of the hardware turn on, but my screen and Wi-Fi light remain completely off, and I can't switch between TTYs at all. From all the Googling I've done, the first step to fix something like this would be to upgrade my BIOS, right? Wrong. Besides how big a pain that would be when I've uninstalled Windows, it turns out I'm already running the newest version of my BIOS.

I think this is an issue with the Linux kernel. I didn't have it when I first started using Arch a month or two ago, and I've been upgrading the kernel since. Sadly, despite keeping a log of what updates I perform when, I couldn't tell you which kernel version broke my suspend, because it started out as that kind of issue that happens so rarely that it's just impossible to track or experiment on (or even remember the existence of for longer than an hour after it happens to you), and, gradually, it's finally gotten to the point where it happens every time with either my last kernel upgrade (3.8.10-1) or my second-last (3.8.8-2).

Or, for all I know, this could be systemd's fault and have been caused by systemd updates.

I'm running an HP Touchsmart tm2-2150us, if that helps.

Also, sadly, I have no idea how long "too long" is. All I know is that if I leave it asleep to go to class for 2 hours, it'll require a hard reset when I get back.

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