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Missing Files in Webmin

After trying to use webmin to install/remove modules and having it give a "file not found error", then looking at the logs and noticing that the required CGI scripts are missing, then finding out that these files were removed intentionally (back in 2009 when this was still in the aur) so that pacman would handle the installation and removal of modules yet there aren't any modules in the repo or in the AUR, how are we supposed to go about managing our modules?

For example: I need the Network Configuration module installed so that I can use the Bandwidth Monitoring module, but the only place to get that module is from the Webmin site, but I can't install it since the required scripts don't exist, so I'm pretty much screwed. I'd also like to remove all the modules that I don't need since I don't need the module for cd burning and all stuff like that on my router. It takes up space and slows down webmin, which is a problem since I'm running it off of a class 10 MicroSD card on a Raspberry Pi, not a 128 GB SSD and a server with a Core i7 like my main arch box that also runs webmin.

Why would essential parts of the program be removed and their functionality not added in another place? I could see if all the modules were in the repo or the aur but there's only the webmin package in the repo and 8 in the aur.

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