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LUKS for non-system partition


I have a luks crypted partition which I want to mount during boot. In my understanding, I should add it to the mapper with crypttab file and then I will use fstab to mount it from the mapper as a normal partition.

Keyfile should be on an SD card which is also used to take keyfile for / partition. For root partition I use kernel parameters with SD card UUID, like this:

APPEND root=/dev/mapper/root cryptdevice=/dev/sda5:root cryptkey=/dev/disk/by-uuid/B713-EF20:vfat:/secretkey ro init=/sbin/e4rat-preload

I want to use same SD for this other partition, but I want to take keyfile from the same place using UUID (I don't want to mount the device).

Adding /dev/disk/by-uuid/B713-EF20:vfat:/secretkey in crypttab as password file for selected partition does not work. Also tried /dev/disk/by-uuid/B713-EF20/secretkey.

What am I doing wrong?

Note that I read the wiki, otherwise I cold not have done the configuration how it is now.

Another question, how can I make the SD card invisible after boot? It always appears in KDE as device ready to be mounted or in lsblk, which I'd like to avoid. Of course, without psychically pulling it out.

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