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#1 2013-05-17 08:17:58

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Gnome 3.8 and Cinnamon 1.8 conflict

I installed gnome 3.8 under kernel 3.9.2 and it is working with no problems. Later I installed cinnamon 1.8. But I found to  my surprise that If I start pure Gnome session the file manager changed to nemo instead of nautilus. Also when I chose settings from the menu cinnamon control center is opening instead of gnome control center. Moreover in case of screensaver cinnamon screensaver is working instead of gnome screensaver. Is it possible to restore the defaults for gnome sessions and is possible that gnome 3.8 and cinnamon 1.8 will work without conflict?

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#2 2013-05-18 00:31:53

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Re: Gnome 3.8 and Cinnamon 1.8 conflict

If you don't want nemo you can just install it. The settings issue, when you do a search in either menu (gnome or cinnamon) You should see 2 options. I believe System Settings is cinnamon and just "Settings" is gnome.


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Re: Gnome 3.8 and Cinnamon 1.8 conflict

Try installing gnome-defaults-list from the AUR.


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