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#1 2013-05-19 18:57:49

Mr. Alex
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kdenlive, good input, output with video and audio out of sync

Hello y'all!

Recently I downloaded several videos from YouTube, 720p of quality. All from one channel (just saying). And I want to process them in kdenlive, cut out some parts. Some of those videos are processed OK. But others for no known reason are out of sync in kdenlive. I can play them with vlc and mplayer and they are fine there. But once I import them into kdenlive and even merely start playing in there, audio and video are out of sync. Plus when I compile the result in kdenlive, this output file keeps this mistiming. I thought that maybe the reason is in very HD and my CPU just cannot handle smooth playing or something like that, so I downloaded 480p version of problematic video and tried again. The same thing like with 720p. Why does it happen? Are those videos damaged? And how do I fix it?


#2 2013-05-23 00:19:23

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Re: kdenlive, good input, output with video and audio out of sync

Likely an upstream bug with kdenlive handling different codecs and video configurations incorrectly.

Perhaps it would also be a good idea to cut the videos without having to re-encode them and put it through lossy compression a second time - maybe try cutting the video using ffmpeg with vcodec and acodec set to copy?

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