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#1 2013-05-21 21:37:24

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[SOLVED] google-chrome update breaks dev tools

Hey guys,

When I upgraded my fontconfig today I noticed that the google-chrome developer tools "elements" view breaks.

It's basically unusable, when you scroll the text all overlaps, when you select an element the selection disappears.

I am using freetype2-infinality and fontconfig-infinality-ultimate-git

Anyone else experiencing this?

Screenshot here

Edit: Actually, I'm wrong. This doesn't appear to be caused by a fontconfig upgrade. I'm not sure sure what's causing the problem now and don't know what to change the title of this post too =/ I suppose this may not be a package upgrade issue then. Would a mod be able to move this to the Applications & DE's forum?

Edit 2: This was fixed when upgrading to goolge-chrome-27. Maybe it was a problem in 26 and I didn't notice? Not sure.

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