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spipemenu - ugly full screen pipe menu & launcher

spipemenu is a fullscreen, dynamic pipe menu like openbox's menu.
I wanted to create an interface for television and car-computer screens. I didn't want to spawn multiple dmenu instances to do that, so I chose to write a menu of my own.

It is fullscreen by default, but EWMH compliant, so it will obey when your tiling window manager resizes it.
It is dynamic, as the the menu content is created dynamically. stdin is read at launch, then you can execute commands and read their output to create submenus (see the demo on its homepage)

You use arrow keys to use it.
I and my mom and dad have been using it for two months now as an interface to read news, watch videos and listen to music.
Those were my requirements, so it can do those, but I believe it is easy to extend it to do other things by writing more scripts for it.

It is written in C using XCB.


Enjoy smile
(oh, and I have a PKGBUILD for it but I haven't uploaded it on AUR yet. I will do that tonight or tomorrow night.

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