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#1 2013-05-23 18:51:15

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.Xdefaults not changing terminal background color

I've been messing around with .Xdefaults to change the look of rxvt-unicode. It's working well for the most part, but I can't seem to change the background color from #000000. Here's a screenshot of my .Xdefaults and the terminal that results. The top left is the before (with 20% opacity/80% shading), and the bottom right is the one that results after writing .Xdefaults out (with 80% opacity/20% shading). The background is clearly not #FFFFFF. Am I doing something wrong?


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Re: .Xdefaults not changing terminal background color

You could try the following: Comment transparency and shading, instead insert URxvt*tintColor: white20 and tinker with the value after the color name. Untested.

Edit: ok, I don't think this works...

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Re: .Xdefaults not changing terminal background color

From the wiki:

URxvt*.shading: 0 to 99 darkens, 101 to 200 lightens

Your "URxvt*shading: 20" line is making the background darker.  Try higher values.


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