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#1 2005-11-10 07:16:57

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quirks and questions on fresh install...

some quirks on a fresh install i've been having:

-mediacontrol applet fails to be added in the kciker panel on kde. the message is 'check your configuration'. i've reinstalled kde, kdeaddons about 2 times now and same thing.

-i don't know if im using the NET_PROFILES section of the rc.conf file. i have it set to 'menu' but nothing happens when booting. at first i thought it was because the files i created from the template on network-profiles where not executable, i made them executable and still nothing. im trying to set it to 2 different wireless networks im on daily (home work). and while in the subject, from the template in the part it says INTERFACE= my wireless card and built in network card sometimes alternate between eth0 and eth1, so i was wondering if i add INTERFACE=eth0 eth1 or do i add another and have two INTERFACE= sections?.

so far those are the only 2 things, any help would be appreciated, thx...


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