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#1 2013-05-30 18:16:06

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Network manager shows activity but says "don't conected"

Hello pals

I follow these steps … anager#KDE

I've installed nothing to my network. I got connection at instalation time.... I use dhcp

Network manager works, by a half. disabling net on it, turns off the internet, also reenabling turns it on, but still appears "don't connected"

I need Network Manager cause I'm folding at home contributing and, sometimes, my internet comes slow, so slow, and restarting it solves. In the "rc.conf times" a "/etc/rc.d/network restart" was enough, but with systemd I don't know the correct command, and with network manager just disable networking and reenable it

I think that may be it's the interface name (enp7s0) I've not changed it to promiscous mode.


#2 2013-06-01 15:01:13

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Re: Network manager shows activity but says "don't conected"

I am not sure if I understood everything, but did you enable the DHCP service ?
If you enabled the DCHP service, then you need to disable it with :

systemctl stop dhcpcd@enp7s0 
systemctl disable dhcpcd@enp7s0 

Take a look at this for full instructions: … figuration

Also, please post the EXACT error message, I am pretty sure, there is no error messge as  'dont connected' in KDE. smile


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