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Is there an installation ISO with preloaded wireless drivers?

I have no access to cabled networking right now, and I want to install Arch.


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Re: Is there an installation ISO with preloaded wireless drivers?

The installation ISO has a standard Arch kernel, which includes many wireless drivers.  But if you need an additional driver that is ot provided by the kernel, you will need to build it yourself.

Maybe instead of just indicating that you have no networking, it would be better to actually indicate what kinds of problems you are having, including what kind of hardware you have, whether you have found that it is supported by Linux or not, and whether this hardware is actually detected in a Linux environment.

There is a saying about there never being bad questions, but I have to clarify that there can certainly be very poorly formatted questions.  Around here, if you want help, you need to be much much more explicit and show that you've taken some initiative in trying to find some information yourself.


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Re: Is there an installation ISO with preloaded wireless drivers?

You can install your wireless adapter pretty easy with modprobe. There is a file called module.load.d in etc folder type the name of your wireless module .conf and in the file simply type the name of your module. The file acts as the command modprobe at boot. This is how I have always detected my wireless card. It works for me. If module.load.d folder doesn't work just type the command <lsmod> your wireless driver should be something like cfg80211 or similar. All you have to do is modprobe it.


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Re: Is there an installation ISO with preloaded wireless drivers?

useraddition, that is not likely to be useful.  First, editting that file will be fruitless - it's an iso, those changes wont hold on a reboot.  Lsmod would also not list the module unless it is already loaded, so if it shows up, nothing needs to be done - and many wireless driver names will look nothing like cfg80211.

If  the module is present, but not loaded, in the iso, then`modprobe <modulename>` would work.  But I don't know that there are (m)any wireless modules present in the iso that aren't loaded by default.

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