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How do I set Java defualts to UTF-8 ?

So, like when I try to use Eclipse or NetBeans the debug output has a bunch of junk in it.

I am fairly sure I need to set Java to output in UTF-8. I have configured UTF-8 everywhere possible in Eclipse and the problem dose not go away. Now I just installed and tried NetBeans but I see that it has the same problem.

This makes me think that it is a system wide problem with Java. I have set:

export JAVA_FONTS=/usr/share/fonts/TTF
export _JAVA_OPTIONS='-Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=lcd'

in /etc/profile to fix the ugly font problem. I tried to set the -Dfile.encode=utf-8 in there with no luck.

Dose anyone have any ideas? I need to get to work sad

(I've worked from 11am-4pm on this problem)
I am using openJDK-7

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