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Blacklisting KVM

Hello all. I've been trying to blacklist the KVM kernel module because every time I start my computer with virtualization enabled in the BIOS I get a kernel panic when kvm loads. I've tried adding "modprobe.blacklist=kvm,kvm-intel" to the end of the "linux" line in grub's edit mode and booting that way, but when I run `lsmod` it still shows that kvm has been loaded.

Now according to this post if the module I'm trying to blacklist is loaded as a part of initramfs then I can't blacklist them as I normally would. Indeed, running `mkinitcpio -M` lists "kvm_intel" as an included module.

My question then is how do I remove "kvm_intel" with the certainty that I won't break my system? Can I ensure that it will load at boot lest my system actually need it? Because virtualization is disabled in the bios, is KVM not even doing anything anyway?



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Re: Blacklisting KVM

1) Create a blacklist file
2) add modconf to your HOOKS array
    add the blacklist file (full path) to your FILES array
3) Rebuild your initramfs
4) Make sure the file is in your initramfs

Edit: the module will still be put in your initramfs, it just won't get loaded.

Can I ensure that it will load at boot lest my system actually need it?

You mean if your system actually needs it? I can't think of any situation where it would be needed at boot. You'll still be able to load it manually.

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Re: Blacklisting KVM

Thanks a lot alphaniner! That definitely worked. Although I can't blacklist from the bootloader, it still works from the blacklist file.

Unfortunately I still get a kernel panic when booting around the place where kvm would start.

I'll explore some more and leave the actual debugging for another forum post (if I can't figure it out myself.)


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