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MYTHLOGIC Clevo W650SZ/SR (& NVIDIA Optimus questions)

Hey guys,

I'd like to get some input on a new laptop purchase I'm planning to make. I've been using Arch for the last year and a half on an old macbook (Macbook 2,1 -- late 2007), and I think it's time for an upgrade to a new computer that will last me another 4-6 years. I've been looking into MYTHLOGIC and generally like what I see. I'm debating between two of their new Haswell models, the Callisto 1513 (Clevo W650SZ) and the Pollux 1313 (Clevo W650SR).

The main difference between them, as far as I am concerned, is that the Pollux comes with the NVIDIA GT 750M w/ 2GB DDR3 and Optimus, while the Callisto has only integrated Intel graphics. I know that Optimus isn't fully supported on linux and that I'll have to use nouveau and bumblebee, but I'm not completely sure what the means from an every day POV.

The are a few main reasons I would consider going with the NVIDIA despite possible headaches. First, I may want to dual boot in the future. Second, I'm hopeful over the next 4-6 years Optimus will be supported (or a FOSS project gets good enough that it wouldn't matter) and I'll be able to use it. Third, and this is more of a question (I don't know much about virtualizing yet. It's one of the things I look forward to learning more about in the future...), but I'm wondering if a guest OS be able to make use of the GPU if the host OS can't? If anyone could shed some light on any of the above points, that'd be really helpful!

Also, I just want to make sure I don't need to worry about any of the other components on the system:
Intel Core i7-4800MQ 2.7GHz, 6M L3 Cache, 22nm, DDR3L-1600MHz, Quad-Core Mobile Processor
16GB (2 x 8GB), PC3-12800, 1600MHz SODIMM Memory (not sure what anything beyond the first comma really means)
Samsung PM-841 (840 Pro) mSATA SSD 256GB
1TB 5400 8MB Cache SATA Notebook Hard Drive
Intel Centrino Advanced-AC 7260 wireless card

1) Is an NVIDIA GPU w/ Optimus too big a headache to make it not worth trying, even if precludes the possibility of making use of it in a future dual-boot?

2) Is there anything else I should be aware of in the other hardware components re: linux compatibility?

(Apologies in advance if I posted this in the wrong forum, wasn't sure if it goes here or in the laptop forum, or elsewhere)
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Re: MYTHLOGIC Clevo W650SZ/SR (& NVIDIA Optimus questions)


I recently got a new laptop, with an Ivy bridge processor (pentium 2020m) and nvidia gt645m. Well, I have to say that enev though the processor is entry-level class, I've been really surprised about the graphic capabilites of intel integrated HD Graphics.
So an i7 of last generation featuring HD4600 graphics might satisfy most og the graphic needs if you're not a gamer.
About optimus technology, I had (yet) zero troubles using it with bumblebee and primus as rendering bridge. It's been "install and run".
My 2 cents...


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