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Building packages remotely / build server?


I'm not sure whether this is the right sub forum to post to, so feel free to move my thread if it's in the wrong place.

My situation: I've got a fairly weak Asus EEE netbook (with a Atom N450 inside). This is obviously not ideal for when you want to build bigger packages, such as the Linux kernel. First off, it's pretty slow. Second, I'd like to use the netbook for stuff besides building packages. Third, having a high load over a long time is probably not healthy.

Now, I have a relatively powerful desktop computer. This machine can be on pretty much 24/7. So, here's my question: Is it possible to have makepkg build a package on a remote machine?

I imagine I would setup some kind of daemon listening to incoming connections on the desktop computer, and on the netbook side I would just "makepkg -si --remote" or something like that.

The benefit would be that you can build a optimized package for an older machine you have utilizing a newer (and hopefully better) machine, thus decreasing compilation time immensely.

Or maybe I could somehow get all the relevant flags etc. off of the netbook, make a Bash script on the desktop computer that setups the environment and executes makepkg? That would be fine by me. I'm guessing that's a slightly easier way to do it, as the flags are just some text strings.

If I recall correctly, I was searching on this matter a couple of months ago, and I found some old project (on the Arch Wiki) that would do exactly this, but I can't find it again. It didn't really seem to work, so maybe it was removed because it was useless information.

So yeah, this would be sort of like a "ordinary" build server, except that I don't need my own repository, and the flags wouldn't be safe/generic.


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Re: Building packages remotely / build server?

Ehmm... ssh? You can configure the flags in makepkg.conf, just needs to be done once.


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Re: Building packages remotely / build server?

What is running on that desktop computer?
Can you connect via ssh and set up … ean_Chroot


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