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#1 2005-11-15 07:19:41

From: Gotland ,Sweden
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Another 0.7.1 inistall issue


I tried installing 0.7.1 in one of my qemu on a Cryptated drive, ((according to the dev-blog here: … Filesystem)
all went fine until one came to the place where one was supposed to change /mnt/etc/mkinitrd.conf

that file didn't exist, anyone has any idea why not? am I supposed to create it or what?

(the cd works flawless for me when just doing it int he "normal" way..and it sets up a initrd and all)  -> Linux Help portal for Linux and ArchLinux (in swedish)

Dell Inspiron 8500
Kernel 2.6.14-archck1  (selfcompiled)
Enlightenment 17


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