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#1 2013-06-19 14:45:28

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pacman feature request idea

Would it not be useful for pacman to log whether or not it completed a command successfully? (Or maybe just if it exited without a ctl+C)
Maybe it should log its exit code?

I know pacmatic puts "exited with code .... " into the pacman log which is useful to see whether or not an operation has completed.

Also, in terms of the log time stamp, what about including seconds? (or smaller), or a unix timestamp? Id guess you'd want the time to be human readable.

Ive been playing around and making some pacman utils which is why I've come up with all of this.

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#2 2013-06-19 14:48:18

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Re: pacman feature request idea

In pacman.conf, see 'UseSyslog' option, maybe it gives finer time resolution.


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