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Custom keyboard shortcuts in Gnome 3.8 not working

I used to have a few custom keyboard shortcuts that don't work anymore.

Ever since upgrading to Gnome 3.8 they have stopped working. This has occurred on two computers after the same upgrade. I read that gnome-shell now treats shortcuts a little different than before and this is the reason. Basically, does anyone know how I can recreate my shortcuts?

Here's what I used to have:
F1 = copy (xdotool type ctrl+c)
F2 = paste (xdotool type ctrl+v)
F3 = find (xdotool type ctrl+f)
F4 = cut (xdotool type ctrl+x)
F5 = undo (xdotool type ctrl+z)

Oddly enough, my window management keyboard shortcuts still work. Those being to close and minimize a window. But the key combinations are Alt+x and Alt+z for those ... and they're reacting with the windows manager.

Also, I'm unable to set F1 as anything anymore. I try to set it but since it is already the "help" for anything it just brings a "help" menu up. Kinda annoying. Disabling it in the keyboard shortcuts area doesn't actually stop it from still treating it as the "help." I haven't successfully been able to turn that off from the instructions I've found via Google as of yet.


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