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Lmms-vst freezes

I recently installed the lmms-vst package from the aur, but have been experiencing some strange problems with it.

What works: Creating a new project. Everything works perfectly until...

What doesn't work: Trying to open a saved project with vst plugins loaded in Vestige. Opening any other saved project (without Vestige) works fine.

Details: When I open the saved project,  I get a window with a loading bar, that quickly goes away as the project, (presumably), finishes loading. At that point, everything works except the song editor, (which occasionally works), and the bar at the top, below the tool bar and above the sound editor. If I try to click on this bar, nothing happens, but if I right-click, I get a window that says "about." If I click it, it pops up a window that says, " Made by Safwan Matni, 2008 at  Safwan Matni Studio in Gary, IN.
The sounds of this plugins were resampled with no loops in chromatic order."  VST Plugin Technology by Steinberg."

I have no idea what's going on. I'm assuming it's a problem with lmms-vst, but it could be an issue with wine. Any ideas?

Thanks everyone,

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