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Slow video playback in very high resolution X11

Hi everyone. I write this msg for ask your eternal knowledgement.

I have a very huge system (i7 3820 LGA2011, 8Gb quad channel, Gigabyte x79-up5-wifi, AMD HD5870 2Gb Eyefinity 6, etc) running Arch on it. The OS is updated. The Arch config is very minimal, using Fluxbox as WM and VLC and Mplayer to playback videos. The video driver is the latest stable Catalyst (13.4) and so on. I got connected six HD screens seted to a resolution of 1366x768. These screens are managed with xrandr, adjusted for considering the bezel compensation, using xrand --output MONITOR --pos X+BEZELxY+BEZEL.

When i play a video with mplayer (using the gl video driver) the movie shows very well and smooth, but when i pan the video all over de virtual screen (4194x1583 aprox), the movie shows very choppy.

The strange fact is the Conky reports shows me an 5% of CPU usage, so the system performance are not the problem.

The mplayer flags that i use to play this video are plenty, being the threads=4, gl:ati-hack and -root the most important.

If anyone can give me a hint to solve this issue, i would be very grateful.

thx in advance.


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