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[Asus UX31A] screen brightness and kernel 3.9+

It had been more than a month that I was using the linux 3.8.10 (the last one of the 3.8 series). In that version, the module asus-nb-wmi was making the screen brightness and the wifi work.

Today I finally updated my kernel version and made a few attempts at making everything work again. I read several threads in this forum, but I wasn't able to find a unique solution. So I thought I would create this topic to give the exact parameters that I'm using, and maybe so that other people also give their solutions.

1/ for grub, I'm using "acpi_osi="
2/ in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf, I added "asus-nb-wmi" in the variable called MODULES (FYI, I regenerated the cpio images buy forcing the re-installation of linux)

And voila!

- The keyboard backlight works although it seems deactivated when I start.
- Wifi works.
- Screen brightness works, as well as the keys to control it.

I read about other solutions, such as other parameters for "acpi_osi" or specifying "acpi_backlight=intel".
What is your solution that works?


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