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#1 2005-11-20 23:35:39

From: Magdeburg/Germany
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arch64 install issues

I want to try arch64 out so I can help you building packages and keeping up to system up to date.

So far I tried the ISO with no success. It was not possible to load the package list. Going the other way with a live cd I don´t know what are the base packages because there is only current/extra/community on the mirrors.

And I have another problem: I need a kernel supporting my onboard NIC. I need the uli526x modul which is in kernel 2.6.14. - If I could manage that - is the ftp-install already possible?

So what´s the best way to get a working arch64 system at the moment :?:



#2 2005-11-21 01:29:34

Schwag Merchant
From: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
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Re: arch64 install issues

Probably that's the best way. I don't know if it works right now, is down and they've been working on that instead of the packages and installer.

I was actually looking for another 64 bit distro today, I'm tired of 32, but arch64 isn't really mainstream useable at the moment. Gentoo 64 pissed me off when I didn't even have a base system after 1.5 hours and they asked me to compile a kernel. ;-) downloading suse right now.... :oops:



#3 2005-11-21 18:48:15

Mr Green
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Re: arch64 install issues

I'm testing Kanotix64 .... done hdinstall seems ok....

But it makes sad that I cannot use Arch64  :cry:

try sorting your mirrors see if that helps .....

Mr Green


#4 2005-11-22 13:34:34

From: Wuerburg/germany
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Re: arch64 install issues

I´m running ubuntu64 at the moment. Works really good for me.

But i heard that suse and red hat should have the best woking 64-bit distors.


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