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Wiki - or even better a script - to create a PKGbuild from a PPA

i would like to test Conky manager, it is available for Ubuntu, and still not in AUR.

I said to myself, lets contribute with my first PKGbuild, but, I did not found a guide at Google, not at ARCH wiki too, at least not easily - perhaps it does exist but i did not found it quickly.

But perhaps it even would be easy if someone has just write an script to make and test PKGbuilds from PPAs, it must be simple if you know - I do not - and would save a lot of work.

Conky manager … runk/files

If some one want to make it as I do not how.


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Re: Wiki - or even better a script - to create a PKGbuild from a PPA

Try searching the wiki a little more closely. On a related note, man pages > wiki. `man PKGBUILD`

As for scripts to create PKGBUILDs; that's a bit meta, don't you think? Why not just take a look at some of the PKGBUILDs in the AUR that use .debs or PPAs and go from there.

This probably belongs better in the PKGBUILD request subforum; but the way this should work is that you should give your best shot at creating a PKGBUILD, and then, when you get stumped, post what you have so far, and we'll all help you work out the kinks smile

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