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#1 2013-07-11 06:23:01

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Claws-mail closes itself periodically

Hello. Any claws-mail users here? Few weeks ago, perhaps after an update of installed software, I started to experience the problem that claws-mail just exits itself unexpectedly, typically after a few hours after it's started. If I run it from terminal, its output ends with something like this:

claws.c:102:Starting Claws Mail version Claws Mail 3.9.2
utils.c:1874:using default rc_dir /home/eugene/.claws-mail
main.c:2336:Using control socket /tmp/claws-mail-1000/86d0c53ad6835731e60a9f38b484cb23
main.c:2430:another Claws Mail instance is already running.

** (process:27103): WARNING **: Socket IO timeout

** (process:27103): WARNING **: [03:29:57] Socket IO timeout.

Does anyone else happen to have this problem? Any suggestions?

UPD: If there isn't any "normal" suggestion, I believe a hack will suit me. I thought about running claws-mail with a script like `while true; do claws-mail; done`, but then I need a way to exit claws-mail and the while loop as well...

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Re: Claws-mail closes itself periodically

Does it crash immediately after the warning? Searching the net, it seems like a problem with syncing (probably imap or pop3).

In any case, you should report this upstream.


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