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FFMPEG screencast is not working for WoW under Wine (AMD Catalyst)

Hi all. I'm trying to record game video using ffmpeg, but each time when I actually switch my focus to the game window, the picture freezes. Here is the example: This is World of Warcraft running under wine. I use AMD Catalyst beta-driver from the unofficial repository (mentioned here) on x64 system (lib32-catalyst-utils also installed).

I tried this:
ffmpeg -f x11grab -r 30 -i :0.0 -f alsa -i hw:0,0 -acodec flac -vcodec ffvhuff test.mkv (from wiki)
and some variations I found over the Internet:
ffmpeg -f x11grab -r 30 -i :0.0 -f alsa -i hw:0,0 -acodec flac -vcodec ffvhuff test.mkv
None of them worked.

I guess it's due to driver, because when I tried recordMyDesktop tool a few days ago with xf86-video-ati driver it recorded wideo. But when I switched to proprietary drider, both ffmpeg and recordMyDesktop are not working. I'm not going to change video driver because it's performance in video-games, so I'm wondering if there is any solution to my problem (except windowed-mode!).


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Re: FFMPEG screencast is not working for WoW under Wine (AMD Catalyst)

I had similar problems when trying to record OpenGL games with FFMpeg CLI. I use the catalyst-test drivers for my AMD HD 6870.

You could try downloading SimpleScreenRecorder via yaourt; get both, including the lib32-simplescreenrecorder.

There will be some conflicts, but choosing to replace some files hasn't caused any problems.

Make sure you have both  lib32-libpulse and lib32-alsa-plugins installed (pacman).

Once everything is in set, open SSR (SimpleScreenRecorder); set audio input to:
- Record Microphone
- Backend: PulseAudio
- Source: Monitor of Built-in Audio Analog Stereo

I chose to output as MKV ; H.264 ; MP3 @128

Select Start Recording and fire up WoW. I was able to playback the game-play video (full screen 1920x1080) with audio.

You may need different settings from what I have, notably the audio, but it should record in full screen mode.

Good luck ! smile


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