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How to set up properly my Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheel???

at boot time the wheel is detected but in a "compatible mode" (just 180º angle and with no full range in pedals).
Using ltwheelconf I can set it to "nativemode" (900º angle and proper pedals range), and I've got FFB in Live for Speed (not in other racing games as rFactor, GTR2, GTR Evolution, just in LFS). But what I can't is limit its range to 270 degrees, 540 or whatever I want as I can do with the profiler manager in windows. If I unplug and plug in it again I've got to run ltwheel again.
Since when I plug in the wheel it's at 180 º in a "compatible mode", and after setting it to "native mode" the wheel is at 900º, for sure it must be possible create or configure a "270 degrees mode" or whichever intermediate mode we want.
Given that not all games have a calibrating option, and which have doesn't work properly, the best would be fixing it before the game is launched, so, the game already gets a wheel with my preferred configuration (the way it's done by the profile manager in windows as you must launch the game from the profile manager). Would be so difficult to make a profile manager which would run as a deamon for the logitech crew? May it's easier tweaking the kernel module, but how do I do it?

How can I tweak my steering wheel ranges before launching any game?

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