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#1 2005-11-27 16:49:58

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vfs error URGENT

I'm having another installation issue. I'm getting the classic "VFS: CAnnot mount root" error, and a kernel panic. I've tried using both devfs and udev. I also did the makeinitrd as posted, and it did not help at all. One thing that I think may be the issue is the filesystem. As soon as grub starts to load the kernel, one of the first lines says "filesystem is ext2fs", when in actuality I'm using ext3. I was having problems during install with anything but ext3 as well. help would be appreciated ASAP, thank you

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#2 2005-11-28 15:11:32

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Re: vfs error URGENT

First off, ext3 *IS* ext2, you can ignore that (to format with ext3 you run 'mke2fs -J', and 'mke2fs' for ext2).

The error is exactly what it says it is "cannot mount root" means that it cannot mount root.  Whatever you have in menu.lst under the "root=***" line, is wrong - you need to change that to the proper partition.  You can change this by hitting 'e' in the grub menu on boot


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