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Python3, Matplotlib and VirtualEnv issue

Just installed Archlinux and am looking to create some data driven charts. However I have run into a problem installing Matplotlib in a virtual environment.  Basically I managed to get these packages installed and working - including displaying the chart - when I run in the normal environment. Everything works as it says on the tin<g>.

However when I configure this to run in a VirtualEnv I am unable to get the graph to display. I am able to create a pdf and write the graph to a pdf, but am unable to display this in a window. Moreover it seems to fail silently (no error message displayed).

I've done a fair amount of research on this so far, and notice that others have run into a similar problem - but so far I have not seen a workable solution.

I assume that something in my VirtualEnv is different (not sure what or how) and prevents this from working as expected. However I'm stumped right now and would appreciate some feedback from anyone who can jump in here.

Please note that this is a Python3 issue, *NOT* a python 2.x issue and the solution is probably related to some changes introduced as part of Python3. (Maybe I'm being punished for being on the bleeding edge<g>)!

Thx in Advance,


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