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#1 2013-08-06 15:35:03

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incron not actually executing commands


I'm having trouble getting incron to run properly. I have incron installed, and the daemon is running. However, incrond is not actually executing the commands in my incrontab. I thought maybe it was a problem with my script (which runs fine on Linux Mint with incrontab), so I'm just trying it out with simple commands and it's still not working. I know from this thread that I have to use full paths so I'm doing just that

- My user is in /etc/incron.allow
- My incrontab contains the following:

/home/kevin/foobar IN_CLOSE_WRITE /usr/bin/notify-send Hi Hi

- I can edit the file /home/kevin/foobar and after doing so I see the following line in the journal (and nothing else, e.g. there don't appear to be any permission errors):

Aug 06 11:21:57 pooter incrond[3278]: (kevin) CMD (/usr/bin/notify-send Hi Hi)

However, nothing happens. If I run '/usr/bin/notify-send Hi Hi' in a terminal, I get the usual popup. Even if I change the incrontab from notify-send to

/home/kevin/foobar IN_CLOSE_WRITE /usr/bin/echo test > /tmp/test

then there's nothing in /tmp/test after changing the file, even though incrond shows up in the journal again.

I have to be doing (or not doing) something stupid, but I can't figure it out. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

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#2 2013-11-25 08:44:58

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Re: incron not actually executing commands

Heya.. Sorry I wasn't around when you were asking, but for other future users with issues: use strace and/or journalctl -n to get an inkling on what might be an issue.

If you get a error with file, or so, it is probably because one has used tabs instead of a space between the 3 args. Also, I found it easiest to writea wrapper which incrond calls with $@ say, (where one can throw in one's commands).

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#3 2014-04-23 10:29:21

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Re: incron not actually executing commands

I think it is the problem that it tryes to run notify-send as root you never get it..When i tryed to run as su schef -c /home/schef/ i get Perminion denied in journalctl -n. But it writes to a file..


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