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systemd-user-pam-ssh - auto decrypt your ssh key during login

Hey guys,

  • Do you use systemd --user to manage your user session?

  • Do you have a ~/.config/systemd/user/ssh-agent.service file?

  • Do you still like to login before having your systemd --user bring up a graphical environment?

  • Do you hate having to type in you password a second time to add your SSH key to your agent?

  • Do you wish you could use pam_ssh or even keychain but can't since you want systemd --user to manage your ssh-agent?

This little script might be able to help you!

This little script can be configured to be executed by during authentication so that it adds your SSH key to your systemd --user ssh-agent upon login.

Find the repository here

Hope some Arch users can find if of use! Looking for any and all feedback!

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