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Looking for a dark, simple, engineless gtk3 theme

For gtk2, I am using a modified version of the excellent Lean, Mean, Black and Green theme, and I am looking for something similar for gtk3.

It has to be:
- simple (short config, without gradients, round corners, and other forms of bloating)
- engineless (without Adwaita and Unico dependencies)
- dark (why is light the standard anyway?)
- compatible with GTK 3.x

Evolve, Albatross, and Boje would be a good start, but they use up way too much screen estate, and their configuration files are not sanely editable.

Useful links:
Making GTK3 themes
GTK 3 Theme Template

Before I waste a weekend on making one from scratch, I'd like to ask: Is anyone using such a theme already?

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#2 2013-09-03 21:40:38

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Re: Looking for a dark, simple, engineless gtk3 theme

I think there is a dark version of the default theme, just like the video player looks like. But I can't seem to find it now...

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