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#1 2013-08-19 05:12:18

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xfce4 keyboard bindings

Hello all.
I wrote a quick wrapper around xclip, puush and scrot to emulate puush behavior on windows available here.
It works fine when evoked from the console (more than fine even), but when bound to an xfce4 key (prntscrn), it doesn't work.
After a bit of debugging, it turns out that the puush script doesn't do _anything_ when evoked in this way.

attempted solutions:

  • changing interpreter to sh, bash and zsh

  • evoking dash as part of keybinding

  • alt+f2-ing the script

  • sleep 0.2

I can't shake the feeling it has SOMETHING to do with curl, but all output is redirected at the log file either way (when you don't delete it, it's empty when called from GUI).

Can anyone shed some light unto this?


#2 2013-08-27 21:14:30

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Re: xfce4 keyboard bindings

Shingetsu wrote:

when bound to an xfce4 key (prntscrn), it doesn't work.

My personal opinion: don't just use the Print Screen key, but something more like Alt+Print. This way you don't accidentally upload something to the internet.

Where do you have the variable for the puush API key? That may cause a problem.

If you use an absolute path to the puush script and put the API key in the puush script, that will probably get rid of any problems with environment variables or $PATH anyway.

One could also pipe all the output of the script to Zenity at the end of the script so you can see what's wrong.

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