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#1 2013-08-26 22:13:13

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voyager-journey-home package update not working.

I'm trying to learn how to create and maintain packages by going through old orphan package and trying to update them so they are still working. When I reached the voyager-journey-home [1] package and its git [2] equivalent, I got a packaging issue I do not understand.

The vjh (voyager-journey-home) package has a new source with a new md5sum I tried to replace from the original package (in the comment section). Aside from that, nothing changed. The vjh-git package still works out of the box. Both of these packages have the same package() function with the same directory structure yet, only the vjh-git package builds correctly:

When the vjh-git package reaches the "make DESTDIR=$pkgdir install", it correctly copies the files over in the pkgdir. When the vjh package reaches that same function, it simply returns "make: 'install' is up to date".

Why does the Makefile returns that result for the vjh package but not for the vjh-git package? Since it doesn't "make install" correctly, the package doesn't. The /opt directory stays empty.

[1] … rney-home/
[2] … -home-git/


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Re: voyager-journey-home package update not working.

check the upstream commits on github and you'll understand.

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