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Problems with Kernel 3.10.9 I guess

Hi all,

2 days ago I made a pacman -Syu update and my kernel got updated and other stuff.
I made the mistake to not check for errors, actually I saw one and it was about a vboxdrv hook.
So I ignored it and rebooted. Then when I was booting up my arch install I got an error..
Error: "premature end of line /boot/vmlinuz-linux" something like that and  kernel should
be loaded before something I forgot.

Now I read a bit online and I found that a guy fixed the issue with just doing a pacman -S linux command in chroot.
But that didn't help me even after I did a pacman -S --force linux and then doing mkinitcpio -p linux just to be sure.
I had no error nothing when i restarted it gave me the same error.

Then I just gave up I backed up all my data and reinstalled the whole thing I downloaded the latest build put it on a flash drive and installed it.

After the install I just rebooted again no errors. And when arch started loading I just reach loading a seed or something like that (and it said ok) or it reaches till it loads the Bluetooth(and says OK) and it just freezes.
I and again no errors. (Like i said it was 2 days ago so I forget)

Then I downloaded a debian based distro I installed it and put the 3.10.9 kernel on to see if that's the issue and surely enough my pc froze up again when I rebooted again no errors.

So my question is: How do I install arch with an older kernel, because I had no issues for months even when upgraded to 3.10.5 or something like that. What could be the issue?

I'm using Laptop asus m50vc if it matters

Thanks in advance! Yeah I know I'm a newbie :}


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Re: Problems with Kernel 3.10.9 I guess

Well… it would have been super easy to install and old kernel, except you just wiped it out during the reinstall.  Typically old packages are kept in /var/cache/pacman/pkg unless you explicitly clear the cache.  You should do this every so often, but I find it is good to at least keep two versions of the old packages just in case, so I use the paccache tool that ships with pacman.

The Arch Rollback Machine is now gone, so unless you can find a mirror that is really not up to date, I rather think that you might be shit out of luck sad


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Re: Problems with Kernel 3.10.9 I guess

As WonderWoofy said, find a mirror that is really not up to date or you can just install linux-lts and see if it fix your system.

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