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rottDB - an in memory key-value store

Hello everyone!

As a simple hobby project, i wrote an in memory key-value store. Here is the README file:

What is rottDB?
  • rottDB is a key-value store which:

    • aims to be easy to use

    • aims to be safe (if something fails your data stays untouched)

    • aims to be clean

  • rottDB stores everythig in memory.

    • But you can save it to disk too. See `rottDB_save` and `rottDB_load`.

  • rottDB uses linear search to locate key-value pairs.

    • It uses a hashing algorithm(dbj2) to hash the keys. When searchimg, first rottDB will be search for the same hash. When the both hashes are same, it will compare two keys using strcmp.


See rottDB Programming and rottDB.h.


No dependencies.


Simplified BSD License (The BSD 2-Clause License)

Please do not hesitate to ask questions. Hope you like it.



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