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#1 2013-09-04 20:17:51

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Overheating with kernel 3.11, possible regression?

Hi guys, trying out kernel 3.11 from [testing]

During boot I get an error

PCI_HP_REGISTER failed with error -16

Things seem to run fine at first, but the fans do not seem to be speeding up as much, and it seems like the machine is heating up around the front-side bus. Normally, if it overheats so much, the power will be cut, but this doesn't seem to happen. Instead, I got a kernel panic, like the CPU itself had frozen (error messages listing each core stopping). When I power the machine back on, the fans run at full speed at the POST screen, and then the machine powers off (as if it had detected a dangerous temperature). Maybe related, but during loads I'm also getting wifi failures.

I'm using a HP probook 4320s, with AMD 5470 graphics, and intel core i3 processor.

A quick google shows this bug, from red hat


#2 2013-09-07 10:09:23

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Re: Overheating with kernel 3.11, possible regression?

I think you're facing 2 different issues. The 'HP' in PCI_HP_REGISTER stands for 'hotplug', not 'hewlett-packard'.
The overheat issue is more concerning. First, you should verify the problem comparing the temperature shown by lm_sensors for 3.11 and your last working kernel.
Are you upgrading from 3.9.x by chance?


#3 2013-09-08 13:16:30

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Re: Overheating with kernel 3.11, possible regression?

Thats funny. I'm directly facing the opposite with my laptop, with a Core i5 with integrated graphics (self compiled kernel 3.11):
* the fan becomes very loud
* graphic performances drops around ~10%


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